Cut-out Fuse

Cut-out Fuse

Cut-Out Fuse



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Drop-out fuse cutout and load switching fuse cutout are of outdoor used high voltage protective device, Tope connected with incoming feeder of distribution transformer or distribution lines, it mainly protect transformer or lines from short circuit and overload, and on/off loading, current, Drop-out fuse cutout is composed of insulate insulator supports and fuse tube, static contacts is fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is installed on two ends of fuse tube, Fuse tube is composed of inside arresting tube. Outer phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass tube, Load switching fuse cutout provides enforced elastic auxiliary contacts and arc-extinguishing enclosure switching on-off loading current.

Extra-Heavy-Duty Overhead-Pole-Top Style,rated 25kv nominal,27kv maximum,125kvBIL,100amperes continuous, 12.000 amperes interrupting RMSasymmetrical,11 inches(279mm)minimum leakage distance to ground.

Catalig Number Suffix”-D” provides for the inclusion of parallel-groove connectors each accommodating No,6 solid through No,2st randed copper or aluminum in one groove;No,2 solid through 250kc mil stranded copper or ailminum,or 4/0ACSR in the other groove.

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